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Problems with Device Driver Updates - we recommend Driver Medic to fix it for you. DriverMedic.com is dedicated to helping individuals update and fix their PC drivers. We developed Driver Medic to help Windows users take the frustration out of updating and fixing device drivers such as Device Driver Updates.

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Automatically update your Device Driver Updates in 2 Minutes

Don't just do 'Nothing' about outdated drivers because updating them individually is too much of a hassle. But who wants to sit there and reset their PC's after each driver update? Just update all outdated drivers in under 2 minutes with Driver Medic. Start Download Now.



Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Compatible

DriverMedic is an advanced driver scanning, updating and downloading software for Windows PCs. Drivers may be available free of charge by visiting the device manufacturer's website. Activate the full version of DriverMedic for only 29.95 USD for a 1-year license for up to 3 computers. Includes Security and Performance reports by Norton™ PC Checkup.

Features & Benefits

Easily Keep Drivers Updated

Driver Medic takes the chore of locating the latest versions of your computer's device drivers. Driver Medic automatically identifies your PC's hardware and finds the latest drivers for them.

Backup Your Drivers

With Driver Medic's backup wizard, you can easily create a copy of your device drivers to a CD, flash drive, and network drive. Never worry about losing your device drivers again!

Built-in Customer Support

If you need any help with Driver Medic, you can contact our highly-trained, professional customer support staff directly in the program.

So you can Update Your all your drivers with a few clicks of the mouse. Just click the "Download Now" button below. You will need to download the software, run the program, and provide information on your device. No more driver scavenger hunts. Quickly scan and update Device Driver Updates now.


Download DriverMedic to Scan and Update your Device Driver Updates with Official Drivers Now.

Driver Medic is a driver update service that will scan your PC for all installed & connected devices, locate all OEM drivers, and install them. Individual drivers may be available on manufacturer websites at no charge. For a limited time, upgrade to Full Version of Driver Medic is only 29.97 USD for 1-year subscription.



Latest Articles

Quick Fixes for a Defective Matrox G450 PCI Graphics Card

Display adapters have a significant function in a computer system. It delivers good resolution for images, video and games. Imagine if the video card doesn’t exist, then we would all probably be stuck with a basic 8-color screen. The Matrox G450 PCI was created to enhance the experience of your computer use and has brought better multimedia experience to a lot of users.

Sometimes, users would encounter problems from a defective video card. One of the symptoms that may occur is a black screen display after boot up. The common causes for this problem are device driver issues or an improperly seated graphics card on the motherboard. Reseat the card to verify if it’s correctly attached by following these steps.

  • Turn-off the Computer > Remove all cables that are connected from the back of the tower > Unscrew and detach the CPU’s side cover > Carefully remove the graphics card > After a few seconds insert the card cautiously > Return the side cover > Connect all the cables.

There are many ways on how to check the status of the device driver of a video card. Follow these steps to verify and fix some of the driver’s problem.

  • Click on Start > Go to Control Panel > Double-click on System > Go to the Hardware tab > Click the Device Manager button.
  • Verify if the display adapters have a yellow exclamation mark.  This means that the driver is corrupted and requires re-installing.

Occasionally after a software update, the graphics problem might come up. A driver rollback procedure can fix this. Follow these steps.

  • Click on Start > Go to Control Panel > Double-click on System > Go to the Hardware tab > Click the Device Manager button> Click the plus (+) sign beside Network Adapters > Right-click on the device that you want to rollback and then click on Properties > Go to the Driver tab > Click on the Roll Back Driver button.

Another way to confirm the display issue is to use a different monitor if possible. Through this way, you can determine if the monitor you are using is already defective. Check the pins of your VGA cable to ensure they are all straight. Even one bended pin can affect the whole function of your computer display.

Always keep your drivers updated to prevent minor or major computer bug problems. Install Driver Medic to make sure your entire device drivers are updated. This software will automatically look for the up-to-date version and will save you the hassle of having to manually look for the needed updates.

Automatically find and update your device drivers with Driver Medic now!