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Problems with Device Driver Updates - we recommend Driver Medic to fix it for you. DriverMedic.com is dedicated to helping individuals update and fix their PC drivers. We developed Driver Medic to help Windows users take the frustration out of updating and fixing device drivers such as Device Driver Updates.

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Automatically update your Device Driver Updates in 2 Minutes

Don't just do 'Nothing' about outdated drivers because updating them individually is too much of a hassle. But who wants to sit there and reset their PC's after each driver update? Just update all outdated drivers in under 2 minutes with Driver Medic. Start Download Now.



Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Compatible

DriverMedic is an advanced driver scanning, updating and downloading software for Windows PCs. Drivers may be available free of charge by visiting the device manufacturer's website. Activate the full version of DriverMedic for only 29.95 USD for a 1-year license for up to 3 computers. Includes Security and Performance reports by Norton™ PC Checkup.

Features & Benefits

Easily Keep Drivers Updated

Driver Medic takes the chore of locating the latest versions of your computer's device drivers. Driver Medic automatically identifies your PC's hardware and finds the latest drivers for them.

Backup Your Drivers

With Driver Medic's backup wizard, you can easily create a copy of your device drivers to a CD, flash drive, and network drive. Never worry about losing your device drivers again!

Built-in Customer Support

If you need any help with Driver Medic, you can contact our highly-trained, professional customer support staff directly in the program.

So you can Update Your all your drivers with a few clicks of the mouse. Just click the "Download Now" button below. You will need to download the software, run the program, and provide information on your device. No more driver scavenger hunts. Quickly scan and update Device Driver Updates now.


Download DriverMedic to Scan and Update your Device Driver Updates with Official Drivers Now.

Driver Medic is a driver update service that will scan your PC for all installed & connected devices, locate all OEM drivers, and install them. Individual drivers may be available on manufacturer websites at no charge. For a limited time, upgrade to Full Version of Driver Medic is only 29.97 USD for 1-year subscription.



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Maintenance and Troubleshooting Steps for a Lexmark C540n Printer

Thankfully, the dot-matrix era is history. Remember that noisy and slow printer that can only print text format files and took such a long time printing? They were popular in the 70’s to 80’s, when printing high quality pictures have not been discovered yet. It uses tiny pins that run back and forth while pressing the ink ribbon on the paper. Some companies still prefer to use this old method for business purposes but the typical printers in households are now more advanced.

The Lexmark C54on is one of the popular printers used nowadays. It uses color laser printing technology that makes perfect picture quality prints and is able to complete the task in approximately just 12 seconds. Additionally, it is also wireless capable. It can be shared to a network for convenience, making it ideal for home and office use.

Maintenance and troubleshooting of the Lexmark C540n is similar to other standard printers. Here are the troubleshooting steps for general printer issues.

Hardware check-up

  • Power cycling the printer is the most basic step. This simple action can resolve most problems in printing.
  • Verify the cable for any damages from pets or pests.
  • Ensure that all pins are straight. If a pin is bended, try aligning the pin properly or replace the cable altogether.

Check the printer properties

  • Some computers will not proceed to print if the default printer option was set to a different printer. Follow these steps on how to verify and properly setup the properties.
  • Click on Start > Go to Control Panel > Double-click Printer and Faxes > Right-click on the Lexmark printer icon and then click “Set as Default Printer”.

Resolving wireless setup issue

  • Ensure that the printer is powered ON.
  • Verify the SSID. If you don’t know it, run the wireless setup again.
  • Check if the printer is in range of the network.
  • Keep the printer at least 2 feet away from other electrical devices such as radios, televisions, microwave ovens, or telephones. This will prevent signal interference.
  • Temporarily turn OFF any anti-virus programs that might cause this problem.

Fix the common driver problem

  • In case the driver software got corrupted, make sure to uninstall the current driver before re-installing the driver.
  • Always keep the driver updated for optimum performance.

The Lexmark C540n is one of the best printers in the market today. It delivers crisp quality images and allows wireless printing. Although printers have different features and performance qualities, they are quite similar in terms of resolving issues. All printers, like any other device, need updated drivers to function properly.

Automatically find and update your device drivers with Driver Medic now!